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Do you have a dental question or concern? Looking for a second opinion? Virtual care coordination and teledentistry can help!

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Virtudent is committed to supporting our patients by providing virtual care consultations and teledentistry appointments for anyone with dental related issues or pain. You can now consult with a dentist in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Book An Appointment

  • Choose a time that’s convenient for you
  • Complete your medical forms
  • We’ll send you a link to a private online conference room

Connect Online With A Dentist

  • Access a meeting link in a web browser on a laptop, tablet or smartphone at your reserved appointment time
  • A Virtudent team member will check you in, review your medical history, answer questions, and help connect you to a dentist licensed in your state
  • Immediately speak with a dentist who will assess your situation and provide recommendations and advice

Get Follow Up Care As Needed

  • Your Virtudent dentist will provide any necessary prescriptions and referrals
  • If needed, we’ll help you find a local provider for further evaluation and care

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Where And When Is The Service Available? How Much Does It Cost?

Virtudent Connect appointments are available to members across all 50 states.

How Can Virtual Dental Visits Help?

Overall health begins with good oral health. With dentistry accounting for $124B in overtreatment,  50% of provider directories being inaccurate, and 20M referrals being clinically inappropriate, Virtudent’s care coordination team ensures your employees get care that is focused on their needs safely from home.

Our clinical team can answer questions, provide advice or a second opinion, prescribe appropriate medication, and refer patients to a specialist when needed. They help patients determine whether they have a serious condition that requires urgent treatment or how to help alleviate symptoms safely at home. In addition to helping with toothaches and infections, patients ask the care coordination team about oral healthcare situations such as what to do if they have trouble with a restoration or filling, break a tooth or bridge, have tooth sensitivity or discoloration, notice sores or open lesions, experience soreness or discomfort while chewing, or grind and clench their teeth.

Why Is Teledentistry Critical Right Now?

With mandates for patients to be triaged prior to receiving dental treatment, ensure your employees get the right level of care in the right setting. During this exceptional time, traditional dental offices are closed. Some are operating in a reduced capacity and many don’t expect to reopen. Emergency rooms are overwhelmed. Even in normal circumstances, emergency rooms are often not set up to diagnose and address dental issues. Virtudent has always been focused on delivering the right level of care to its patients–as a trusted patient advocate, we have helped deliver care and care coordinate 10,000+ patients. We are expanding access to ensure all patients receive the right level of care, beginning with a Virtudent Connect appointment to triage their needs safely from home. Helping flatten the curve and avoid unnecessary exposure while ensuring a continuum of care is a shared responsibility that Virtudent remains committed to for each and every patient.

Why Trust Virtudent?

Virtudent’s mission is to make high-quality oral healthcare accessible to all. We pioneered the use of teledentistry in the workplace. As an on-site dental care provider, we’ve been trusted to provide secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual dental exams for 10,000+ patients at 250 workplace locations. Our team is friendly, caring, experienced and passionate about making the dental experience seamless, accessible, and affordable. We put our patients first, delivering the care employees deserve and the service and results employers expect.

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