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The Services Virtudent Brings to You

Preventive Services Covered by Most Dental Insurances


We use a state-of-the-art handheld x-ray machine that is the size of a police radar gun. We use this to reveal cavities, areas that should be monitored, impacted teeth, bone levels to determine periodontal health, and calculus levels. Plus this innovative equipment combined with our digital sensors emit a lower amount of radiation than a typical X-ray machine.


Using a small dental camera we take photos of each individual tooth as well as your overall smile. We keep these images on file so we can monitor your current oral health and identify any potential changes.


At Virtudent we use the latest risk assessment software to determine your overall oral health and risk potential. This enables us to provide the best path forward, with recommendations specifically for your dental health needs.


Your hygienist examines your head, neck and mouth, looking for any abnormalities or lumps that may indicate cancer. We look for anything out of the ordinary on your skin, lips or tongue so we can provide our referral dentists with all the necessary information to make the earliest possible diagnosis.


Our hygienists take various measurements associated with your teeth and gums looking for bleeding, pocketing, and gum recession. The results of your periodontal charting combined with your X-rays help us determine your gum health and detect gum disease.


Using the latest cleaning techniques and equipment, we make sure your teeth are as clean as possible. We also understand that you may have sensitive teeth. Don’t worry, our hygienists will use the appropriate instruments for your sensitivity level.


We consider no cleaning complete until your teeth are polished to a bright, and smooth feeling finish. It really does add a refreshing sparkle to a great smile.


The teledental exam is everything you expect when you sit down in the dental chair. Your medical history, intraoral photographs, periodontal charting, hygienist notes and X-rays are reviewed by one of our licensed dentists. It truly is comprehensive care right in your workplace.


We want you to come back to your next visit as healthy as possible. To make sure you do, your hygienist will give you helpful information on cleaning and maintaining the health of your teeth between appointments. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask. We’re here to help you confidently care for your pearly whites!


A lot goes into keeping your mouth healthy, and it can be a challenge to list every possible thing we can provide. But we did want you to know that, in cases where it’s clinically appropriate, we’re able to offer full mouth debridement, periodontal maintenance, scaling and root planing, nutritional counseling, tobacco cessation counseling and more.

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Optional Services

(Not covered by Insurance)


A fluoride treatment provides extra protection against cavities and may reduce tooth sensitivity for up to six months. It’s a whole lot of natural benefits that only takes about a minute to do.


At Virtudent we use Opalescense Boost in-office whitening. It is an award winning whitening product, proven effective in improving the appearance of your smile in just one visit.

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