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Convenient Dental Care

Virtudent is changing the face of dental healthcare delivery. We offer teledentistry services and on-site preventive dental care to our partner organizations. No longer do employees have to take time off work for their routine dental appointments! Virtudent makes the dental experience vastly more accessible, convenient, transparent and most importantly—all about the patient.

Founded in 2014, Virtudent is now available to millions of employees and health plan members throughout the United States. 

Oral Health Is Overall Health

We’re passionate about oral healthcare because so much of a patient’s overall health is connected to their oral health. Our Chief Dental Officer leads an experienced team of compassionate dental professionals who care about preventive dental care and oral hygiene education.

Not only is gum, tongue and teeth health vital, but your mouth can be an important indicator of your overall health, too. And oftentimes oral health conditions can lead to larger complications like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, making it that much more important to get your oral health screenings twice a year. 

With our telehealth technologies and a new scalable delivery model, we bring high-quality dental care to patients who might otherwise skip their routine dental visits. When follow up care is needed, we’ll refer patients back to their own dentist or a trusted provider in the community for treatment.

Doing Good While Doing Well

Our mission to make oral healthcare accessible extends so much further than the commercial clients we serve. We also set aside some of our resources for our Smiles for the Greater Grin program, which increases access to oral healthcare in underserved communities. From homeless shelters to local schools and Boys and Girls Clubs, we’re closing the oral healthcare access gap and inspiring bright smiles across the country. 

Check out The 411 on Virtudent to learn how it all works.


Virtudent is removing the barriers and challenges of a typically burdensome dental care experience by making it more personalized, convenient, and affordable for the patient.

Patient Centered

The Virtudent care team is focused on patient wellness and overall health, taking the time to educate each patient about his or her care.


We are supportive. We communicate and share knowledge, fill gaps and are kind to one another.

Mission Driven

We are passionate about our mission to bring high quality dental care to all!

Take Action

We are persistent; going above and beyond, taking calculated risks, and empowering others.

Learn Daily

We are life-long learners, humble, flexible, and pride ourselves on working smarter.

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