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Virtudent appointments are comprehensive exams conducted by amazing registered dental hygienists in company offices with our state-of-the-art onsite clinic. We comply with all FDA, OSHA, and HIPAA requirements, as well as the ADA requirements of each state. Learn More »

High Quality

We use top of the line equipment and our clinical team are full-time employees so we along with our clinical board can ensure proper training and execution of onsite teledental appointments..


Many patients aren’t keeping up with their preventive care due to inconvenience. We come to them, during office hours, so they can complete their preventive exam in less than an hour.

Mission Driven

In addition to serving patients at company offices, we partner with the Boys & Girls Club to bring free care to children in need. We provide free preventive dental care, fluoride, and education and work to ensure they receive any necessary follow up care.

One of my patients had a Virtudent visit, now what?

Our clinical team focuses 100% on preventive care. If one of your patients opted for a Virtudent visit and needs follow up care, we will provide X-rays, notes, and intraoral photos to get you started with the patient’s follow up care. Should you have any questions you can contact us at info@myvirtudent.com.

Be a Virtudent Preferred Provider?

Because Virtudent only does preventive dental care, we rely on our strong team of preferred partners to send our patients when they need follow-up care. All our Virtudent Preferred Partners have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they align on our mission for prevention-focused treatment.

How to become a Virtudent Preferred Provider

If you’re interested in becoming a Virtudent Preferred Provider, please contact us at info@myvirtudent.com. We are constantly growing and looking to work with the best dental practices in the country!

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