When employees return to work post COVID-19, they will still need their oral health dental care and Virtudent is here to help! Here are some of the clinical changes we will be making to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of care in a safe environment.

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Instruments & Supplies

All masks will be upgraded to N95 masks or equivalent and face shields for all direct patient care. We will be using 1.5% hydrogen peroxide pre-procedural rinse for all patients. All jackets worn for patient care will be single-use and disposable.

Sterile Environment

For each appointment, Virtudent hygienists use individually packaged sterile instruments for each patient. Additionally, all surfaces in the room where the appointment occurs are sanitized with ingredients that are cleared by the CDC for effectiveness against the family of coronoviruses such as COVID-19 before and after each appointment.

Waste Disposal

All waste is self-contained within our kit and disposed of after the appointments. Upon arrival at a client site, the hygienist will place a disposable covering over the floor and furniture. This covering is disposable and will be removed and discarded at the end of patient care.

Enforcement Of Policies

There will be updated patient screening and temperature readings before the start of each visit for cases of COVID-19. The clinical staff will have documentation of testing for COVID-19 and can show the patient upon request.

In-network Providers

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