Virtudent Connect For Members

If your company or insurance provider does not partner with Virtudent Connect, you can still access it by becoming a member! Reach out now to learn how you can join. Annual costs start as low as $75 for individuals.

Just reach out to to learn more today!

Why Become A Member of Virtudent Connect?


24/7 access to a high-quality care-coordination team composed of registered dental hygienists and dentists all throughout the United States.

Peace Of Mind

Dental care at your finger-tips for any questions, second opinions, dental education and prescriptions*.

*No controlled-substrances


No matter where you are or where you’re traveling, you know you will have the same consistent dental support to help you. If you are traveling and in need of in-person care, the Virtudent Connect team can help find you an in-network dentist for your follow-up care.

We used this service after seeing a new dentist for the first time who prescribed a long list of procedures that our previous dentist pediatrician recommended. The Dentist answered our questions, provided insight and eased our concerns in just minutes.

VIrtudent Connect Patient

I would use this service again in an emergency situation. The dentist and assistant were very helpful.

Virtudent Connect Patient

I truly enjoyed my telehealth visit-- my provider was very kind, helpful, and informative.

Virtudent Connect Patient

In-network Providers